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We recommend a minimum of 2 visits per month on maintaining a healthy aquascape and the aquatic creatures that live in your tank.

The cost of the services is very affordable running at approximately $0.55 per gallon. Below is our basic service charges.

Tank Sizes up to:                                                 Per visit charge

100 gallons                                                          $56.00 

Over 100 gallons to 200 gallons                        $75.00

Over 200 gallons to 300 gallons                        $150.00    

400 gallons                                                          $250.00  


Basic Service: ( 2x’s per month)

20% water change chemical testing

Gravel & sand vacuum filter cleaning and replacement   

Algae cleaning (as needed)    bacteria infusion ( as required)    

Health diagnosis of the tank and its inhabitants. C02 infusion and adding flourish for the plants and aquascape on a as needed basis.

Clean up of all glass and acrylic surfaces of the tank.


Extra Care Service: (once a week)

Includes basic service plus constant infusion of C02 in the tank. We use a 95 gram fluval cartridge which will last at least 2 months at 6-8 bubbles per min.

Replacement of the cartridge is $18.00 each. The CO2 will only be infused when the full spectrum light of the aquascape is on. The addition of a solenoid device and timer will be charged at $85.00 (one time fee). The fluval 95 gram initial set up kit is $125 (one time charge).

Fish, Shrimp & Plant Guarantee:


The fishes, shrimps & plants added to your aquascape will be purchased at our wholesale price depending on the type of fish and shrimp added to your aquascape.


Type of Fish or Plant                                            Each Price 

Neon Tetra                                                           $4.00

Cardinal Neon Tetra                                            $8.00

Paradise fish                                                         $4.00

Cherry shrimp                                                      $5.00

Angel Fish                                                            $10.00

Ghost shrimp                                                       $3.00

Amano shrimp                                                     $10.00

Hornworth (per stem)                                          $3.00

Anubias (small)                                                     $6.00     


We do not recommend any bottom dwellers such as Plecostomus or Cory cats since they are very destructive to the aquascape. If the customer insists on having them our guarantee is null and void.

Fish & Shrimp guarantee: Whatever fish or shrimp we put in the aquascape we guarantee them for 30 days and will be replaced at no charge if they die due to our neglect. 

The fish & shrimp guarantee is null and void if they are over fed and substances that not recommended are introduced in the aquascape environment without our knowledge, such as uncured tap water, coffee, or any algaecide to inhibit algae. 

Your aquascape is fitted with the latest technology in algae reduction and algae spore elimination. Please do not interfere with its operation. Only our trained technicians can do this.

 Aquascape supply replacement :


Filters do not last forever and are subject to wear and tear. When they have to replaced we will give you an estimate. If you are on our maintenance program some filters will be replaced at cost ( including tax).